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Prophecy & End Time Events / The Significance of the Number 40 ?
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:17:42 AM »
Such as from the death of Jesus to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.?

The number forty is used by God to represent a period of testing or judgment (the length of time necessary to accomplish some major part of Gods plan in his dealings with various portions of mankind). The 40 days of rain in the days of the flood were the judgments of God. The 40 day periods of fasting, testing, and communing with God that were faced by Moses and Jesus were a form of God's judgments. The forty years that the Israelites spent in the wilderness were also the judgments of God. Various leaders in Israel who reigned for 40 year periods were put there BY God according to His Will and Judgments. Egypt was left desolate for 40 years because of God's judgments. I could go on and on, but I think these examples should suffice for now.

The maximum number of "stripes" allowed for punishment was 40. "Stripes" have to do with judgment (including God's). See Luke 12:47-48. When God brings judgment upon His people, it may be rightly termed, "stripes". When Peter states (about Jesus) "by whose stripes ye were healed" in 1 Peter 2:24, he is quoting from Isaiah 53:5 which is a prophecy concerning spiritual and not physical healing as many teach. Although physical healing from God is a wonderful blessing, spiritual healing is an even greater blessing. Our salvation is dependent on the fact that Jesus bore the stripes that you and I deserve to bear. In other words, Jesus' bore the main force of the judgments that should come upon you and I as sinners. Isaiah's prophecy shows the judgments of God were poured out upon Jesus for our healing.

Forty sons of a judge in Israel (Abdon), whose name means "servitude" represents the product or offspring of a judge who serves in Israel. Once again we see the number 40 used in connection with the subject of judgment.

There were ten lavers in Solomon's temple, and each one contained 40 baths of liquid volume (over 350 gallons each). Do these have anything to do with judgment? Yes, because the water in the laver was symbolic of the word of God which "washes" us as followers of Christ today (Ephesians 5:26, Revelation 22:1-2).

I believe one of the easiest "40s" to use to illustrate this symbolism is the story of Noah and the flood. There are two basic forms of judgment that God sends forth. One is the type that He pours out upon the ungodly. This would be the kind we see illustrated in the flood, and also the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The other is the type that He sends upon His people in order to awaken them or bring them to a closer "walk" with Him.

We know that, in Noah's day, the rainfall coming down from "heaven" had two different affects. Obviously, it was a destructive force as far as the lost were concerned. They were outside of the ark of safety, and therefore beyond any hope of survival. However, when the water hit the earth it raised the ark. Raising the ark heavenward symbolizes our being "lifted up to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus" (Ephesians 2:6). The same waters that destroyed the wicked also caused the people of God to be lifted up (thanks to the ark).

God poured His judgments upon the ark. He knew it would stand fast. It was built to His plans and specifications. Why would God require the people to build an ark if He did not plan on sending the same judgments upon it as he sent upon the people who were not in it? The Ark was a God given escape route from judgments which fell upon them all. The forty days and nights of the flood are symbolic of God's judgments which fall primarily upon his people and the spiritual ark today. Even though the wicked drowned right away, God still had a purpose for the ark to go through the 40 day and night period in order to picture the spiritual type. The judgments of God had to fall upon even his true people, but He had provided a means which would save them from those judgments.

By: Todd Dennis and Richard Anthony

For the complete article: http://www.ecclesia.org/truth/40.html



Humor is the best Medicine / snake eyes
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:43:29 AM »
An old snake goes to see his Doctor. “Doc, I need something for my eyes, I can’t see very well these days.”

The Doc fixes him up with a pair of glasses and tells him to return in 2 weeks.

The snake comes back in 2 weeks and tells the doctor he’s very depressed.

Doc says, “What’s the problem? Didn’t the glasses help you?”

“The glasses are fine doc, but I just discovered I’ve been living with a water hose the past 2 years!”

Part 1. of 2.


What does the Great Pyramid of Egypt have to do with the birth of Jesus ?

Suppose we ask the question posed initially: Who built the Pyramid? We have to conclude that it was somebodywho was very knowledgeable about the Earth and who had technology beyond what we possess today. The Pyramid's designer could also see, and more likely, control, the future. The builder knew when and where the most significant person in history was going to be born and when he was going to die and what impact that would have on the people of the Earth.

Could the builder of the Great Pyramid be a space visitor from another planet? Possibly, if we focus on his advanced knowledge. However, being able to see and/or control the future precisely is what we would recognize as supernatural. Dedication of the interior of the Pyramid to the history of the Jews, prophecy, and especially to the life and death of Christ indicates that the Pyramid must have been designed and built with Supernatural help as a prophetic monument able to endure through the ages, despite millennia of natural and man-made assaults against it.
The Great Pyramid, on the Giza plateau in Egypt, has been the object of scientific and archaeological study for over two hundred years now, in this modem era of discovery. It is the last of the seven ancient wonders of the world, and the only one remaining. Taking a closer look, you'll find an amazing piece of evidence, of the construction ability of the ancients. Whoever built it had to have a superior knowledge of construction techniques that far surpass what we have now. Notwithstanding, the many examples in the construction, that a superior knowledge of the universe, and of the earth, are incorporated into the building and it's measurements. This Great Pyramid is singled out from all other pyramids. It is the oldest, and by the superior construction techniques over all the other pyramids, makes it appear that the Egyptians didn't make it. They tried to imitate this one, but they never were able to come close. More probably, whoever built it had divine help and planning. This study will prove to you the Divine Inspiration behind the building of the Great Pyramid, and will correct the current teaching about it. The Egyptians say that the Pharaoh Cheops, or Khufu, built it because of a Cartouche, or Kings Signature Symbol, was found inside.

All the pyramids in Egypt are covered with writings and paintings, filled with statues and gold, all except one, The Great Pyramid. In this respect it is silent, except a few "quarry marks" found over the top of the kings chamber. The Cartouche and quarry marks have already been proven to be a forgery. The discoverer, Col. Howard Vyse, was at the end of his expedition and money was running out. He still hadn't found any treasure, writings or anything in the Great Pyramid. Shortly before he made his "discovery", a publication by Mr. Wilkinson, the Materia Hieroglyphica, published a cartouche similar to the one found in Wellington's chamber over the King's chamber. This alone is not proof that he forged it, but there was one glitch, Mr. Wilkinson made a mistake in his cartouche that was also incorporated into the one that Col. Vyse had forged. The symbol "O" used correctly in Khufu's name was etched with diagonal lines inside it. The plain "O" was a symbol of a god and very sacred to the Egyptians. This was a fatal error in the signature and a scribe of that day would have never made that mistake, lest he lose his life.

Just after Col. Vyse's so called"discovery", the amended publication was released, that corrected not only that symbol but many other ones that were incorrectly painted onto the walls of the chambers over the King's Chamber. But it was too late for the Col. to correct his mistakes. Also suspicious is the fact that there are marks on three of the four walls above the King's Chamber. Good old Col. Vyse just so happened to break into the wall with no writing's on it. His errors are probably the only thing that decidedly proves it's forgery. Herodotus, the "Father of history", said that Cheops was not buried there, but in an obscure place. There never has been a body in it. There are air passages to the inner rooms which indicate that it is not a tomb. Tombs don't have a need for air passages, and they would thwart the idea of using a pyramid to aid in the translation to their next life. The air circulation would promote decay of the King. Plus, as we will see, the magnificent and prophetical value of this monument far exceeds the possibility of it being a tomb.

Before we get into the spiritual and prophetical side of the pyramid, I want to show you some of the scientific perfection's and measurements that are built throughout this whole pyramid. At the end of this letter are several diagrams, use them as you develop mental pictures of everything that I'll cover. The way I've been taught, and probably the best way to learn, is by the "Gestalt" method of learning. Normal teaching has it, that you go from point A to point B, learning each one before proceeding to the next. The Gestalt method, is to be hit like a shotgun blast. Many ideas and facts that hit you all at once. It is not important that you remember every detail, as you expose yourself to this blast, you will get an overall picture, coming together, that will so stay with you that you can turn around and teach someone else everything you've been taught. So it's not important that you remember every detail, that's why it is written, so it can be reread. Now, I'll show you some of the amazing things that these "stone age men carrying their stone axes" just so happened to be able to do.

The Great Pyramid was placed, not only at the exact center of the Nile delta quadrant, but, it is also placed at the exact center of all the land mass of the earth. That's right. Lines drawn north, south, east and west from the pyramid equally divide the earth's terrain. The longest land meridian, and the longest land parallel. The pyramid is aligned with True North, not magnetic north. Our closest achievement in that alignment is the Paris Observatory, it is six minutes of a degree off of true north. The pyramid is only three minutes off and that was proven to be the result of the land shifting and not by an error of the builders. True North is when you take the earth's axis and extend the north line out into space, it hits a point, usually a star, now it is Polaris.

There is what is called the "Precession of the Equinoxes". A twenty four to twenty six thousand year cycle, when, as this earth is spinning like a top, there is a wobble, the true north point in space, rotates, completing a circle in the heavens. Thus every so often the North star changes. Embodied within this pyramid is that knowledge. We're just starting to figure these things out. How in the world did the builders of the pyramid know these things? They did. On one day, at the Vernal Equinox in the year 2141 BC, Alpha Draconus, the "Dragon Star" in the Draco constellation, was the pole star and it was so perfectly aligned with the descending passage, that if someone was at the bottom holding a mirror, that star would reflect that light. A seeming total impossibility, but they did it. The basic unit of measure within the pyramid is the "Sacred Inch". This same inch, in the sacred cubit, is also used in Noah's ark, the Ark of the Covenant, Solomon's Temple and in the New Jerusalem. This inch is only a half of a hair's breadth different than the English inch and the American inch.

The source of this inch, is the axis of the earth. 1/500,000,000th part of the earth's axis is equal to the sacred inch. The Metric system uses the circumference of the earth from the pole to the equator as it's source. Since that distance varies at different places measured, the most logical and accurate system of measurement then would be the sacred inch system, because the earth's axis doesn't change.

There were some 144,000 dense, white, marble-like limestone blocks used as casing stones originally on the Great Pyramid. Some were 16 to 20 tons each. They were finished so perfectly that there is a variance of no more than 1/100th of an inch across the plane, some at 35 square feet. The joints between each block has no more than 1/50th of an inch space between each block. Not even enough to get a credit card between. The joints have been poured with a cement covering all the plane. The cement is of such a tenacity that the limestone blocks will break before the cement gives. Our most modern opticians work is what can be compared to the perfect work contained in just finishing the casing stones. How they finished them, moved them, glued them, and placed them so accurately, with the small tolerances that there are, still baffles the experts. We couldn't duplicate the feat today. The core masonry is comprised of coarse limestone blocks, most of about 2 1/2 tons each. There are approximately 2,300,000 of them. Herodotous stated that strangers to Egypt supervised the building of the Great Pyramid and that the temples of Egypt were closed during the construction.

Also that during the building process Egypt suffered all kinds of calamities. Manetho, an Egyptian Priest, said that the temples were closed during the time of the visitation of the "Shepherd Kings". They came and subdued Egypt without a fight. Men of an ignoble race, had the confidence to come in and they easily subdued it with their power. God is behind the building of the of the Great Pyramid, he sent the Shepherd Kings, the divine architects, having divine plans and by using extraordinary means, built that great structure and before we are finished with this study you will agree. The Pyramid covers over 13 acres, and, contains nearly 90,000,000 cubic feet of masonry, enough to build 30 Empire State Buildings. The original side width is 755 3/4 feet and the height unfinished is 454 1/2 feet. The original plans would have it at 485 feet tall, equal to a 48 story skyscraper. The top capstone was never set. It was rejected by the builders because it wouldn't fit. The four base comers have sockets sunk into the solid rock that gives us the original plans. Had they made it to the proper specifications, using modem building techniques, by using the sockets, the pyramid would have been wider and taller. But we would have missed some amazing detail that God didn't want us to miss. The capstone is also the "Chief Cornerstone" because it is the only corner that embraces. Originally, shining in the sun, it would have been seen from the moon as a bright star on the earth. It would have made a perfect sundial or timepiece. Reflecting great rays of light, being seen for many miles around. The reflecting beams, if marked at the solstices for the year, would have made a Giant Cross on the Nile Delta in Egypt. The other scientific features, briefly are...

1) The suns distance from the earth. Built into the Pyramid's base plans is a figure estimating it at 92,000,000 miles. 2) The mean density of the earth. Most current tests have it at 5.672 times the weight of water at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The pyramid places it at 5.7. 3) The weight of the earth at approximately 5,300,000,000,000,000,000,000 tons and the weight of the pyramid at 5,300,000 tons are proportionally related to each other. 4) The volume of the earth's crust above mean sea level is approximated at 455 feet, close to the 454 1/2 ft. that the builders left it unfinished. 5) The mean ocean level of the earth. Using geometry and the figure 3,652.42, proportionally related to the solar year and the base circuit of the pyramid, gives a result slightly over 193 ft. 7 in., our approximations now place the mean ocean level at 193 ft. 7 in.: 6) The mean temperature of the earth. It is about 68 degrees F. In the pyramid this temperature is maintained permanently and unvaryingly, in the inner chambers, by the air channels 7) Rotundity of the earth. The curvature of the earth. The sides of the core masonry recede 35.76 inches on each side in the center. (see diagram) A curved line was produced by this and by computing the radius that it would take to make it s circle, the same radius is approximately half the diameter of the earth 8) The universal mathematical symbol of Pi. It is related to the height verses the circumference of the Pyramid . The Great Pyramid is a representation of the northern hemisphere in pyramidal form. An amazing feat by these early Egyptians, since it is considered current knowledge.

But most amazingly, is the evidence of the knowledge of all three ways of computing the year. Namely the Sidereal, the Anomalistic, and the Solar year. You can measure the year three different ways. The Solar year is 365.24235 days and is when the earth passes the Vernal Equinox. The Sidereal year is 365.25636 days and is when the earth appears to be over the same point in the heavens. The Anomalistic year is 365.25986 days and is when the earth is measured closest to the sun in perihelion. All three ways of measuring the year are embodied in the base side length of the pyramid. Since the side curves in slightly, you can measure it three ways. Using the sacred cubit the different lengths are exactly the same as the three year length's. (see diagram) There are many more examples built into the Pyramid's measurements that I don't have space to cover all of them. But if your interested, there are many sources of information to be found with only a little research. I now need to go internally, to the passage system, and the prophetical relevance of this monument.

Wnd of Part 1.  Part 2. follows:


Ask Your Bible Questions Here!!! / Was There Life on earth BEFORE Adam ?
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:24:43 AM »
Part 1. of 2.

Many Christians today believe as an article of faith that the Bible teaches the earth was created 6,000 years ago. They dispute all the evidence of geology, paleontology and radiometric dating techniques. They argue that such evidence is invalid, grossly misunderstood, and misinterpreted. Some Neo-Creationists claim that all the earth's strata was due to the Noachian deluge, or the original process of Creation. They claim all Creation took place during a six day period approximately 6,000 years ago. What is the truth?

The Bible is a reliable historical witness. However, the Bible nowhere says Creation occurred 6,000 years ago. Nor does it teach that the earth is flat, although Medieval theologians often assumed so and threatened anyone who would teach otherwise with excommunication and torture. The Middle Ages were a sad time in theological history. The supposedly enlightened Church pressured scientists such as Bruno and Galileo with the threat of bodily harm if they chose to believe the earth revolved around the sun.

Biologist George Simpson was right when he observed, "As a matter of fact, most of the dogmatic religions have exhibited a perverse talent for taking the WRONG SIDE on the most important concepts of the material universe" (George Gaylord Simpson, This View of Life, p. 214).

Irrational Theology

Catholic theologians made a great mistake in the Middle Ages. They assumed the Scriptures taught things about the material universe which were, in fact, false interpretations or assumptions. Perhaps for the masses, it was enough to listen to and believe dogmas with the stamped sanction of "Church authority." But for THINKING men, "Renaissance Man," for scientists who wished us to "prove all things," as the Scriptures themselves tell us to do (I Thessalonians 5:21), mere recitation of Church authority or tradition was not enough.

One author characterizes the problem this way: "The emotionally precious view of earth's centrality in a fixed, unchanging universe was crystallized by Ptolemy in the second century A.D., and then taken over by the Christian (i.e., Catholic) Church. What had been ancient pagan punishments for contradicting pagan theology became orthodox Christian punishments for questioning orthodox Christian dogma. Despite man's continued secret probing, fourteen centuries brought no serious challenger" (Robert Gorney, The Human Agenda, p. 27).

In 1543 Copernicus published his theory of a heliocentric solar system. Although he was a Catholic priest, his theory met with strong opposition from the established Church. In 1600 Giordano Bruno, who endorsed Copernicus' theory, was burned alive at the stake in Rome for his stubborn heretical beliefs, among which was the heliocentric solar system!

Galileo Galilei observed in 1604 that Copernicus had been right. Through the telescope, he observed that the earth and other planets DO revolve around the sun.

But the clerics of that day did not agree. Martin Luther lambasted the heliocentric or sun-centered solar system. He reasoned that since Joshua had commanded the sun to stand still, it must have been the sun which was moving around the earth. One archbishop of the Catholic Church lampooned the followers of Galileo with a Scriptural pun: "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into the heavens?" he asked, quoting Acts 1:11 in the New Testament.

During the Inquisition, the Catholic Church resisted the pressures of rational thinking men with the pronouncement: "If earth is a planet, and only one among several planets, it cannot be that any such great things have been done specially for it as Christian doctrine teaches. If there are other planets, since God makes nothing in vain, they must be inhabited; but how can their inhabitants be descended from Adam? How can they trace their origin to Noah's ark? How can they have been redeemed by the Saviour?" (Ibid., p. 28).

Galileo's theory was branded by the Church as "of all heresies the most abominable, the most pernicious, the most scandalous."

During the Middle Ages when ecclesiastical authority reigned supreme, the science of geology was attacked as "a dark art," as "infernal artillery," and as "calculated to tear up in the public mind every remaining attachment to Christianity" (P. 53). When scientists accumulated data to show the earth is far older than Archbishop Ussher's date of 4004 B.C., they were vigorously assailed as "infidels," as "atheists," and "heretics."

Archbishop Ussher had concluded from his studies of the Bible that Creation must have been October 23, 4004 B.C. When fossil evidence was unearthed to indicate the earth was far older than that, the fossils were dismissed by some Church leaders as deliberate deceptions of the devil!

Unfortunately, some of this Medieval thinking still exists, today. Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Newton -- these men were willing to challenge the dogmas of their day. They were called buffoons, they were labeled heretics, they were held up to shame and contempt by ecclesiastical authorities. But they advanced the cause of TRUTH.

Today, too, we must at times take up shield and sword of the mind and spirit and CHALLENGE the Goliaths of modern dogma and conventional orthodoxy.

We must remember the impassioned words of Oliver Cromwell, ruler of England centuries ago, when he said: "I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken."

Blinders On Their Eyes

Why is it that people sometimes insist upon wearing blinders upon their eyes? Why won't they READ, STUDY, LEARN, COMPARE, CHALLENGE, and "PROVE ALL THINGS," holding in abeyance things which they cannot prove one way or another? Why do people insist upon dogmas? The attitudes of many people is like the nervous captain of a ship lowering the anchor down to twenty feet, and then assuming that it must have reached bottom, because that's all the line left on the anchor!

In 1832 citizens of Lancaster, Pennsylvania refused to allow their schoolhouse to be used for a discussion about railroads. They said: "Railroads are impossible and a great infidelity. If God had intended that his intelligent creatures should travel at the frightful speed of 17 miles an hour by steam he would have foretold it in the Holy Prophets. Such things as railroads are devices of Satan to lead immortal souls down to hell."

Some religious people, today, still ascribe the entire geologic record to the Flood of Noah's time. Theologians used to turn to the Flood to explain the effects of erosion, mountain building, volcanism, and fossil remains. In the infancy of geological science, such a tendency could be well understood, and even pardoned. But, today, after TONS of geologic evidence, it seems strange that some religious folk still cling to the out-dated, antiquarian notions of the pre-scientific age. In order to rigorously cling to their notions of the Flood and a shortened chronology of the earth, they reject almost all the evidence of 150 years of geological investigation!

But we should not condemn them too strongly, because on the other side of the fence we have the Neo-Darwinian evolutionists and the school of anti-catastrophism -- those MUDDLE-HEADED GEOLOGISTS and PALEONTOLOGISTS who have been BRAINWASHED to the exact opposite conclusion. That is, they stand on "uniformitarian" geology, and will not admit to any earthshaking, global catastrophes in the past. They discount ALL human testimony, all traditions, all legends from around the world; they IGNORE or attempt to explain away all evidence of a geological nature which supports any kind of catastrophism. Uniformitarian theory has, for all practical purposes, become to them ANOTHER RELIGION.

What we see, then, is dogmatic individuals with BLINDERS on clinging to two opposing viewpoints, neither of which is right, neither of which is supported by the facts. Both unwilling to compromise, adamant in their authority, staunch in their belief. BOTH interpreting the evidence to fit their own theory.

I take issue with both the neo-Creationists who REFUSE to accept the evidence of an earth which has existed for millions of years, and also with the neo-Darwinists who REFUSE to admit the striking geological evidence for Creation.

Why does it seem so difficult for people to obtain a balance? Why do we humans become so emotionally involved with a particular belief, afraid, nervous, fearful and glandular? Emotional attachment to a false world concept, or fable, is a DANGEROUS thing. It is a little like falling in love with the wrong person -- it hurts.

Infatuation with a false belief or theory can hurt just as bad as romantic infatuation. After the honeymoon, the young couple have to deal with reality. If they were hasty, and rushed into marriage with the wrong person, the trauma and life long pain and regret can be considerable. Even so, if you have clung to out-moded beliefs, or concepts which are not really in the Scriptures, unlearning that false "knowledge" can be difficult and painful at times. It is much more difficult to unlearn false beliefs than to learn something right the first time!

So it is with geology and the existence of the world before Adam's time.

Overwhelming Evidence

All the geological and paleontological evidence PROVES beyond the slightest scintilla of a doubt that THERE WAS A WORLD BEFORE ADAM. Most of the dating techniques of scientists -- uranium-argon, potassium-thorium, racemization and thermaluminescence -- as well as observation and logic conclusively show that the rocks under our feet, the bones of ancient animals, and even the charcoal campfires of Paleo-Indians, Neanderthal man, and other ancient hominid remains, are MUCH OLDER than 6,000 years. There was a world before Adam. In fact, there were MANY ages before Adam, and these ages can be carefully distinguished through the study of paleontology, paleo-ecology, and related scientific disciplines.

The evidence is INDISPUTABLE. Many independent dating techniques demonstrate that various hominid creatures lived about 500,000 years ago. More primitive types lived as long ago as 1-2,000,000 years. Those creatures, in some cases, were FAMILIAR with fire, used crude chipped stone tools such as hand axes, notched and saw-toothed implements, scrapers, engravers. They were PRE-ADAMIC CREATURES living in a PRE-ADAMIC WORLD. A world which ended in a great catastrophe.

And before their time, OTHER worlds existed. The world of the dinosaurs ended about 70,000,000 years ago. That world, too, ended in a cosmic catastrophe.

The pre-Adamic world was a world of growth, change, and progress. It was a world where new life forms were introduced from time to time.

The fact that this world has been in existence for many millions of years is no longer a matter for debate. It is academic. Any serious author, today, must face squarely the many indications of time found in the geological record.

Neo-Creationists believe we must choose either the Bible or science, particularly scientific dating methods. One typical Neo-Creationist argues:

"The Bible-believing scientist must face squarely the question, In the area of natural science which shall supersede, the clear assertions of God's inspired Book, or modern man's interpretation of what he thinks he sees in nature?"

This particular author continues: "According to Bible chronology only a few thousand years have passed since the creation of the ancestors of our modern plants and animals...Contrariwise, if one accepts the assumption that the inorganic radioisotope clocks were reset wherever they became associated with fossil-bearing material, then apparently at least 600 million years have passed since plants and animals first appeared successively from that time over a duration of some 600 million years" (Frank Lewis Marsh, Life, Man and Time, pp. 67-68).

The truth is, there is NO CONTRADICTION between the Biblical record and scientific knowledge of the earth's past. Those who wish to uphold the Bible in the face of new evidence regarding early hominids, homo erectus, homo habilis, or other discoveries of Primitive Man-like creatures, need not worry. There is NO EVIDENCE that such creatures evolved into Modern man. Rather, they lived long ago in a world BEFORE ADAM WAS CREATED -- another world -- another age -- another time.

Such discoveries tell us much about the ancient history of the earth. They tell us nothing, one way or the other, about the Scriptures.

Creation and Recreation

In the pages of Genesis, as it relates to the original creation of the universe, we read the simple, matter-of-fact statement: "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1, King James Version). The Amplified Bible renders this verse: "In the beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned,) and created the heavens and the earth." The Good News Bible states: "In the beginning, when God created the universe..." The Moffatt Translation: "When God began to form the universe..." The Goodspeed Translation: "When God began to create the heavens and the earth..."

What exactly does the book of Genesis tell us? That YEHOVAH God created the universe -- the heavens and the earth -- in a period of time called, simply, "the beginning." How long ago that primeval creation occurred we are not told anywhere in the Scripture. To determine that, YEHOVAH God has given us brains and intellect!

That time of beginning could well have been six to ten billion years ago. Astronomers calculate that a "Big Bang" took place at that time, out of which the entire cosmos was created.

End of part 1.  Part 2. follows


Religion & Theology / The Errors of Replacement Theology
« on: October 25, 2013, 12:32:54 PM »
Perhaps you have heard of the term Replacement Theology. However, if you look it up in a dictionary of Church history, you will not find it listed as a systematic study. Rather, it is a doctrinal teaching that originated in the early Church. It became the fertile soil from which Christian anti-Semitism grew and has infected the Church for nearly 1,900 years.
What Is Replacement Theology?Replacement Theology was introduced to the Church shortly after Gentile leadership took over from Jewish leadership. What are its premises?

1. Israel (the Jewish people and the land) has been replaced by the Christian Church in the purposes of God, or, more precisely, the Church is the historic continuation of Israel to the exclusion of the former.

2. The Jewish people are now no longer a "chosen people." In fact, they are no different from any other group, such as the English, Spanish, or Africans.

3. Apart from repentance, the new birth, and incorporation into the Church, the Jewish people have no future, no hope, and no calling in the plan of God. The same is true for every other nation and group.

4.. Since Pentecost of Acts 2, the term "Israel," as found in the Bible, now refers to the Church.

5. The promises, covenants and blessings ascribed to Israel in the Bible have been taken away from the Jews and given to the Church, which has superseded them. However, the Jews are subject to the curses found in the Bible, as a result of their rejection of Christ How Do Replacement Theologians Argue Their Case? They Say: 

How Do Replacement Theologians Argue Their Case? They Say:

1. To be a son of Abraham is to have faith in Jesus Christ. For them, Galatians 3:29 shows that sonship to Abraham is seen only in spiritual, not national terms: "And if you be Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Rebuttal: While this is a wonderful inclusionary promise for Gentiles, this verse does not exclude the Jewish people from their original covenant, promise and blessing as the natural seed of Abraham. This verse simply joins us Gentile Christians to what God had already started with Israel.

2. The promise of the land of Canaan to Abraham was only a "starter." The real Promised Land is the whole world. They use Romans 4:13 to claim it will be the Church that inherits the world, not Israel. "For the promise that he should be the heir of the world was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.

Rebuttal: Where does this verse exclude Abraham and His natural progeny, the Jews? It simply says that through the law, they would not inherit the world, but this would be acquired through faith. This is also true of the Church.

3. The nation of Israel was only the seed of the future Church, which would arise and incorporate people of all nations (Mal. 1:11): "For from the rising of the sun, even unto the going down of the same, My Name shall be great among the nations, and in every place, incense shall be offered to My Name, and a pure offering for My Name shall be great among the nations, says the Lord of Hosts."

Rebuttal: This is great, and shows that the Jewish people and Israel fulfilled one of their callings to be "a light to the nations," so that God's Word has gone around the world. It does not suggest God's dealing with Israel was negated because His Name spread around the world.

4. Jesus taught that the Jews would lose their spiritual privileges, and be replaced by another people (Matt. 21:43): "Therefore I am saying to you, 'The kingdom of God will be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits of it.'"

Rebuttal: In this passage, Jesus was talking about the priests and Pharisees, who failed as leaders of the people. This passage is not talking about the Jewish people or nation of Israel. See Teaching Letter #770008, "Did God Break His Covenant With the Jews?"

5. A true Jew is anyone born of the Spirit, whether he is racially Gentile or Jewish (Rom. 2:28-29): "For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh; But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."

Rebuttal: This argument does not support the notion that the Church replaced Israel. Rather, it simply reinforces what had been said throughout the Hebrew Scriptures [the Old Testament], and it certainly qualifies the spiritual qualifications for Jews or anyone who professes to be a follower of the God of Israel.

6. Paul shows that the Church is really the same "olive tree" as was Israel, and the Church is now the tree. Therefore, to distinguish between Israel and the Church is, strictly speaking, false. Indeed, people of Jewish origin need to be grafted back into the Church (Rom 11:17-23).

Rebuttal: This claim is the most outrageous because this passage clearly shows that we Gentiles are the "wild olive branches," who get our life from being grafted into the olive tree. The tree represents the covenants, promises and hopes of Israel (Eph. 2:12), rooted in the Messiah and fed by the sap, which represents the Holy Spirit, giving life to the Jews (the "natural branches") and Gentile alike. We Gentiles are told to remember that the olive tree holds us up and NOT to be arrogant or boast against the "natural branches" because they can be grafted in again. The olive tree is NOT the Church. We are simply grafted into God's plan that preceded us for over 2,000 years.

7. All the promises made to Israel in the Old Testament, unless they were historically fulfilled before the coming of Jesus Christ, are now the property of the Christian Church. These promises should not be interpreted literally or carnally, but spiritually and symbolically, so that references to Israel, Jerusalem, Zion and the Temple, when they are prophetic, really refer to the Church (II Cor. 1:20). "For all the promises of God in Him (Jesus) are Yea, and in Him, Amen, unto the glory of God by us." Therefore, they teach that the New Testament needs to be taught figuratively, not literally.

Rebuttal: Later, in this Teaching Letter, we will look at the fact that the New Testament references to Israel clearly pertain to Israel, not the Church. Therefore, no promise to Israel and the Jewish people in the Bible is figurative, nor can they be relegated to the Church alone. The promises and covenants are literal, many of them are everlasting, and we Christians can participate in them as part of our rebirth, not in that we took them over to the exclusion of Israel. The New Testament speaks of the Church's relationship to Israel and her covenants as being "grafted in" (Rom. 11:17), "brought near" (Eph. 2:13), "Abraham's offspring (by faith)" (Rom. 4:16), and "partakers" (Rom. 15:27), NOT as usurpers of the covenant and a replacer of physical Israel. We Gentile Christians joined into what God had been doing in Israel, and God did not break His covenant promises with Israel (Rom. 11:29).

By Clarence H. Wagner, Jr.

From: http://www.therefinersfire.org/replacement_theology.htm


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The doctrine of amillennialism, or that there is no 1,000 years of literal reign upon the earth by Jesus Messieh, is a Catholic doctrine. The teaching that the eternal millennial kingdom of Jesus began in 70AD and there is no future 1,000 year earthy reign of Jesus is a false teach of Origen and Catholicism. These amillennial falsehoods were not preached or believed by the Apostles.

The amillennial heresy must pervert Scripture, spiritualize Scripture, and change the Scriptures, for it to even gain a remote possibility of being accepted as true. Everyone who is a Catholic amillennialist will have the wildest spiritualizing stories you have ever heard. And yet most of these do not like or believe several other Catholic doctrines, traditions, and heresies. Why then, do they hold on to this teaching?

The amillennial doctrine came into the Catholic Church by Origen via St. Augustine. He in turn got it from being associated with Manichaeanism. He may also have gotten it from contact with the teachings of Clement of Alexandria.

Alexandria, Egypt is also where the trinity doctrine was brought by Athanasius to Nicaea. The question here is: did any good doctrine come out of Egypt? It was here also that Monasteries were invented and where *Catholic-Nicolaitian* gnosticsim was incubated under Clement and Origen. Would it not then seem appropriate for amillennialism to come from that very place of apostasy? One thing is certain, ...neither the Catholics or those who teach this Catholic dogma can trace it to Jerusalem and the Apostles. Therefore, they must pervert what did come from Jerusalem and reinterpret the Scriptures of the Apostles, to make their heresy agree with Egypt. And to do this, they must spiritualize what came out of Jerusalem from the Apostles. So when, they get to the Jerusalem text of Revelation 20:1-10, they do the Egyptian trick on it and pervert it.

Amillennialist always persist in bringing up issues that have no bearing on the interpretation of Revelation 20:1-10. Such issues are the book is totally symbolic why not also the thousand years; cannot God own the cattle on 1001 hills; the wicked being all destroyed at the coming of Jesus; one taken and another left; fighting for the Kingdom; the Kingdom not of this world; where do the sinners come from who populate the earth in the millennial; why are their alleged animal sacrifices to Jesus during this time out of Ezekiel's temple; and confusing the end of the world and the final judgment with the coming of Messieh at the end of the judgments of the tribulation.

To make amillennialism work, they spiritualize the battle of Armageddon as being a spiritual fight between the Saints and the devil; they spiritualize the bottomless pit as the heart of a Saint or sinner (only a Saint could seal him up if that is true and in their heart? You figure that out); they spiritualize the mark of the beast as sin or the Roman numerals in the Pope's crown (and yet they claim they took the mark of sin and can still be saved); they spiritualize the first resurrection (Rev. 20:4), as either water baptism, or being born again by faith only, as passing from death to life (the alleged first resurrection); they spiritualize being beheaded (Rev. 20:4), as a person who takes off their head of sin and who puts on a head of Christ or Messieh; they spiritualize the thrones (Rev. 20:4), as being positions as Apostles in the New Testament Church; they spiritualize the 1,000 years of reigning with Messieh as this being a symbolic number to describe the entire Church age however long it will last.

Since they end the world at the second coming of Messieh, they don't know who those are mentioned: *But the rest of the dead lived not until the thousand years were finished*; they never answer who these dead are to be saved *after* the thousand years are finished, if all the dead are saved during the thousand years which they make the Church age?

These spiritualize that the devil is bound in the bottomless pit at Calvary. Some amillenialist claim that Jesus is really Michael the archangel. One famous amillennialist of the Presbyterians (William Cox), said when questioned if this was so, how is it that the devil is out of the pit and waring against the Saints, the Church, and the Apostles, and even has a seat in Pergamos? He replied that all he could figure out was that the devil must be out of the pit on some probation. But if the devil is bound for a thousand years and the thousand years is figurative of the whole Church age, would not the devil then be bound the whole Church age? What devil have these Pentecostals been casting out for the last hundred years? William Cox put his statement about the devil being out on probation in his book on *Amillennialism For Today.* The devil out on probation? What a hoot!

Amillennialist spiritualize the rapture. A real amillenialist does not believe in the rapture and against this they rail vehemently. Most amillennialist take the words *caught up together to meet the Lord in the air* as meaning caught up in euphoria, and the word *clouds* to mean glory. So they hate the so-called rapture doctrine and teach that when Jesus comes to earth every eye shall see him and being caught up in the euphoria of the moment they are ushered into the presence or glory of the Lord ON EARTH, not in the physical air. This scares me, because the antichrist will stir up euphoria and a fake glory and to this many millions will flock. Many spiritualize being changed from mortality to immortality as being filled with the Holy Ghost and that our bodies will not change to one that is spiritual, but be given back immortality.

Now, prior to the Church having existed a thousand years, such a heresy could have claimed this, but the rationality of claiming it now, borders on the insane. And those who lived early in this thousand years like Clement, Origen, Augustine, et al, could make all sorts of allegations but now in retrospect we know they were false and deceived.

And, please note, that in all of their writings, these never did spiritualize the 1,000 years into 2,000 years as done by amillennialist today. They quite expected the earth to last only that 1,000 years and come to an explosive end. But when it did not end in 1000AD, the whole doctrine needed revision. Then it was necessary to invent and correct Clement, Origen, and Augustine, about the millennial being spiritualized to cover the whole Church age.

Since this is just a simple web-site and a few pages on this issue, all of the heresy cannot be treated. And, it is customary for amillennialist that if you do not prove all of their doctrine is false in every aspect of their theory, they will take one or two issues not dealt with as proof the whole doctrine is still valid, and go BACK and take up those portions proven to be false. This proves their dishonesty in handling the Word of God. This demonstrates how slippery an amillennialist can be, and they are not ashamed or timid, to call anyone who exposes their Catholic heresy liars and false prophets. So, keep the e-mail coming folks, my hate mail will as usual be tremendous. Getting rid of Roman riddles seems to be a chore even among the Oneness Apostolic and Pentecostal Churches.

By Pastor G. Reckart

From: http://jesus-messiah.com/apologetics...ic/amill1.html


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ANOMALIES IN AMILLENNIALISM....Amillennialism, what's that ?

Amilllennial is divided into two syllables, A-millennial. The "A" in the Greek means "NO" and "Amillennial" means "1,000." Hence, "Amillennial" means "NO 1,000" and refers to Revelation chapter 20:1-6, where "Amillennialist" claim the 1,000 year reign of Messieh upon the earth in person, is a false doctrine."

Notes on Chiliaism: Chiliaism is divided into two syllables Chilia-ism. The word "chilia" comes from the Greek word for 1,000, "chilioi," Strong's 5507. "Ism" means in a sense, a doctrine or study of a particular belief or held tenet of Faith. Hence, "AChilianism" means the study or belief in the 1,000. This refers to Revelation 20:1-6 and the 1,000 year literal reign of Messieh upon the earth. That Amillenialism was an Augustine attempt to "REPLACE" the much older "Chilianism," is admitted by William E. Cox, in his book: Amillennialism Today:"   "Chiliasts of the early centuries after Christ had no teachings about a secret rapture [Cox p 9]." Here, the amillennialist admit that the "Chiliasts" existed early in the Church as if it was the ORIGINAL view of the Apostles and Saints [some references and commentary from the writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers will follow later in this examination].   "Augustine (A.D. 400) usually is credited with having crystallized amillennial teachings [Cox p 8]." "Amillennialism, ...is the historic Protestant view, as expressed in the creeds of the Reformation period including the Westminster Standards [p. 39, Biblical and Theological Studies, Benjamin B. Warfield, as written by Samuel G. Craig, in the biographical chapter]."

Anyone with clear perception can see the obvious connection between Catholicism and Protestantism in regards to the doctrine of amillennialism. From the days of Augustine until the Reformation, the doctrine of Catholicism was amillennialism. Because of hatred against John's Revelation by the Catholic Church, brought on by those who alleged the Catholic Church was the great whore, coupled with denial of the doctrine of the millennial by the antichiliasts, Rome refused to Canonize the book of Revelation. Although they were fearful not to include it among the accepted writings because of the threats within it, it was not until the Council of Trent [1545 AD], that the book of Revelation was Canonized.

Martin Luther, like the Catholics, did not hold that the book of Revelation should be among the Canonical books. Therefore, Lutheranism attempts to continue Augustine-Catholicism and prove what is in the book of Revelation by other Scriptures, while at the same time saying that their interpretations are the true de-coding of what is symbolized in the book of Revelation. To them, all of Prophecy was fulfilled by the end of the year in 70AD, and this negates the value of the book of Revelation in its entirety after the 70AD date. They also believe water baptism is the first resurrection of Rev. 20:1-10. So the Jesus name Pentecostal Apostolics who adopt these Catholic novations are just as much in error as if they believed in the trinity doctrine.

When Lutherans, Presbyterians, Catholics, and other amillennialists see or hear of anyone who believes the book of Revelation contains unfulfilled prophecy, they snicker, and with a chagrin, cover their mouths, and with gestures of thumbs down, indicate that such a person is utterly stupid for not embracing the Augustine-Catholic doctrine as they have done. Martin Luther died a few months after the Council of Trent Canonized the book of Revelation as a useless but historical book of the Church.

When Luther [1483-1546], began what we know as the Reformation, he did not change from the doctrine of Augustine amillennialism, he in fact enshrined it more harshly among his followers. To this day, the amillennialist do not hold the book of Revelation as a holy book. They still treat it with the pre-Trent hatred of the Catholic Church. The proof, is the way they insist on reinterpreting it and spiritualizing its contents into the most wildest and crazy tales since the Gnostics of the first century. Thus, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, and Catholicism, are staunchly amillennial. This attitude forces them to interpret events after 70 AD in the wrong light of Scripture. Events that will lead up to the appearance of the man of sin, will be pooh poohed as foolish and hair-brained sensationalism, incited by a few apostates not in the main-stream Churches. This turns attention from the antichrist system and focuses upon those who might condemn their Augustine reinterpretations. This leads to the amillennialist openly condemning everyone who is a millennialist, while at the same time ignorantly endorsing the antichrist movement, because they believe it was already destroyed by the end of the year in 70 AD. This is a dangerous posture, and will cause many millions to be deceived and lost. Believing that antichrist has already come and Revelation 13 has already been fulfilled, they have no doctrinal reason to expect or to attempt to identify the man of sin or the antichrist, which is soon to appear. It is so easy to deceive millions when the devil can change the interpretation of the Word of God, like he did with Eve: "Ye shall NOT surely die," adding one word, and changing the true interpretation of what God had said. Jesus told John there would be a millennial. The devil comes along and says: "There will NOT be a millennial. Same trick word used each time to deceive God's children.

One of the catalyst that has cemented world-wide unity among a number of Protestant denominations, is their doctrine of amillennialism. By uniting upon the basis of all believing in amillennialism, they have for a central theme of unity, that they can bring the Kingdom of God upon the earth, to fulfill their theory of how the Church age will end just prior to the end of the world and the judgment. Being thus deceived, they fulfill the plot of antichrist to set up the world to accept "MONOTHEISTIC UNIVERSALISM." A bumper sticker seen recently, explains what "MONOTHEISTIC UNIVERSALISM" means. It read: "God is big enough to accept all religions." Many look for antichrist to set up one religion world wide. But what we are finding, is that in the doctrine of monotheistic universalism, antichrist is teaching multi-culturalism, return to pagan religions, and that these are all equally acceptable ways and means to reach the ONE TRUE GOD [the meaning of monotheism]. Most, if not all of the amillennial churches, now believe in multi-culturalism and acceptance of pagan nature religions, thus universal monotheism, or ONE GOD over all religions. Instead of uniting to bring into being the Kingdom of God and convert pagans to Christ, they have brought into being the antichrist world movement of universal monotheism, out of the midst of which, will come the man of sin to rule all multi-cultural nations and religions from Jerusalem.

It is obvious that from Augustine in 400 AD to the death of Martin Luther in 1546, the doctrine enforced with death from the throne of Rome was amillennialism. Although the amillennialist admit where their doctrine came from, they also deny it, when it is convenient to keep those who might be alarmed at its Catholic womb, from fleeing from their Churches. By covering this chilling detail up, they are in fact lying to their congregations, by inferring and claiming that amillennialism was the original doctrine of Christ and the Apostles. They attack dispensationalism, calling it a novation, while elevating amillennialism, which is admitted by them to be an Augustine novation. The fact is, both are wrong. Millennialism as taught by the early Church was neither dispensationalism nor amillennialism. For either group to claim otherwise, openly exposes either a lack of integrity concerning Truth, or they are simply ignorant of the facts, relying rather on the authority of Church traditions and not the Testimony of Scripture.   It is true that most Roman Catholic theologians are amillenarians [Cox p. 2]." "There is no connection between Protestant amillennialism and Roman Catholicism [Cox p. 2]." "Most if not all of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation were amillennial in their eschatology, following the teaching of Augustine [Cox p. 7]."

Unless amillennialism was a new Protestant invention, how could anyone claim that the Protestant Reformers did not get their doctrine from the Catholic Church? Let us not lose sight of the fact that amillennialism, like the trinity doctrine, is a Catholic novation, a reinterpretation by Augustine [354-430 AD]. Although Augustine's mother was supposed to be a Catholic, his father died an unconverted pagan. Augustine followed his father's footsteps and was a pagan and sought education in philosophy, science, and rhetoric. Plato was his mentor. He rejected religion until converted to Manichaeanism which in one aspect many were Monarchian. He rose in the sect of Manichaeans from a hearer to a teacher and then a wonderful debater. In 383 at the age of 29 he went to Rome with the encouragement of his Manichaean friends to debate the trinity and on other issues. There, he became acquainted with the doctrine of Neo-Platoism (Plato he loved), that the Catholic Church had adopted in 325 AD as an explanation of the trinity. He gave up his Monarchian (oneness) doctrine for this new trinity doctrine. Within three years of his visit, in 386 AD he converted to the papacy and was promoted quickly as one of the Pope's greatest theologians and neo-Platonic philosophers. Augustine left his wife and became a monk and founded the Augustinian Benedictine Monk Order (Martin Luther's). While he altered many of his views to those of the papacy, he also brought to it many Manichaean ideas and theories which he adopted over into and applied these to his new Catholicism.

Remember, that other fermenting events were then shaping Catholicism: 1.) The doctrine in 325 AD, of the Father and the Son being co-eternal and of the same substance [Spirit], but different persons; 2.) The addition of the Holy Ghost as a co-eternal and equal separate person, completing the Neo-Platonic concept of the Trinity, done at the Council of Constantinople in 384 AD; 3.) And at this time, Jerome was in Israel consulting with several Jews on his commission from Rome to rewrite and retranslate the Bible into Latin, taking into consideration new newest Jewish and Catholic slants on Biblical reinterpretation [this is noticed in the first person written form in the Gospels being replaced with third person written form, and additions and changes in the text, two of which are John 5:7 and Matthew 28:19, the first now proven not to be in any of the ancient manuscripts, and the latter not at all like it was fabricated in the Vulgate and then in the King James Version. Trinitarian language was injected into the sacred record in hundreds of places to reinforce the new Neo-Platonic doctrines of Rome]. Augustine came among the mix at a time when Catholicism was ripe for novation and reinterpretation from within the abyss of paganized Christendom, which birthed out of the midst, the DARK AGES!

In Augustine's day, much of the doctrine of the Catholic Church was not in any creed or statement of faith. The amillennial doctrine was one of them. It is this writers belief and contention that amillennialism, clearly a Manichaean doctrine, and having wide-spread acclaim by reason of the saturation of the nations with Manichaeanism, was brought into Catholicism by Augustine from his former religion. No one denies that amillennialism rose within Augustineism and then existed against the Chiliaist or believers of the future 1,000 year reign of Christ upon the earth. What is still being debated, is whether those who held the amillennial theory were not in fact originally the Manichaeans. The fact that amillennialism existed and was wide-spread in opposition to "historic" Chiliaism, is no proof that it was the doctrine of the Apostles. The earliest we have traced it is to Clement and Origen, both of whom were gnostics. Until the root of amillennialism is discovered, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that until Augustine, it was not an established doctrine of the Catholic Church or he would not have been the one to establish it, but would have received it in an already accepted form as would have been held in all Catholic Churches in fellowship with Rome.

The doctrine of amillennialism is couched in the Catholic Church's denial of the existence of a literal and physical 1,000 year earthly reign of Christ on the earth, after the Church age.

By Pastor G. Reckart 

From:  http://jesus-messiah.com/apologetics/catholic/amill1.html


If This Wasn't Messiah/Jesus, Then Who Was It ? The Predicted Time of Appearence of the Anointed One:
The prophet Daniel predicted when Messiah would appear in Daniel 9:24-26
(BTW, there are manuscripts of Daniel that dates BEFORE the birth of Christ, so this prediction by Daniel could NOT have been written AFTER the fact.)
(Daniel 9:24-26) "Seventy sevens are decreed for your people and the Holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most Holy. Know and understand this; from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One (Messiah), the Ruler comes, there will be Seven sevens and Sixty-two sevens. After the sixty-two ‘sevens,’ the Anointed One will be cut off (i.e., die) and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed. "
In other words: beginning with the moment of the decree that "Jerusalem will be rebuilt" to the moment that the Messiah will present himself, there will be "69 sevens".
Evidence that this prediction has been fulfilled:
Artaxerxes decree to Nehemiah in 444 B. C. (see Nehemiah 2:1-8), to rebuild the city Jerusalem and the city gates as well as its walls:
Neh 2:1 And it happened in the month Nisan, in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes the king, wine was before him. And I (Nehemiah) took up the wine and gave it to the king. Now I had not been sad in his presence before.
Neh 2:5 and I said to the king, If it please the king, and if your servant has found favor in your sight, I pray that you would send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers' tombs, so that I may build it.
It clearly state that the CITY of Jerusalem will be rebuilt - not just the wall
Nisan 1 444 BC is March 4, BC according to the Gregorian calendar

 The Hebrew and Babylonian calendar at that time used a 360 day year. So in the calculation of "year" referred by Daniel, we must use this "prophetic year" instead of 365 days of our current year.
The use of this 'prophetic year' in these prophecies is confirmed by comparing the 1,260 days (Rev 11:3, 12:6) with the 42 month (Rev 11:2, 13:5) and with the 'time, times, and half a time' or three and a half years of Dan 7:25, 12:7, Rev 12:14).

 The decree to rebuild Jerusalem was given on Nisan 1 in the year 444 BC (Nisan in the twentieth year of Artaxerxes)
 69 x sevens = 69 x 7 = 483 (years of 360 days)
 That is equal to 483 x 360 = 173880 days

 1 Solar year = 365.24219879 days, so 173880 days = 476.067663 solar years = 476 yrs + 24.7 days
Working with the Gregorian calendar, starting from March 4, 444 BC and adding 476 Gregorian yrs + 25 days, we arrive at: March 30, 33 AD (Gregorian year)
What happened that day is recorded in Luke 19:28-40:

 Luk 19:28 And saying these things, He went in front, going up to Jerusalem. ...
Luk 19:37 And when He had come near, even now at the descent of the Mount of Olives, all the multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works which they had seen, saying, Blessed is the King coming in the name of the Lord! Peace in Heaven and glory in the highest!
--- The Messiah had not been reveal until that moment !

 The fact that Jesus APPROVED of this revelation was recorded in Luke 19:39-40:
Luk 19:39 And some of the Pharisees from the crowd said to Him, Teacher, rebuke your disciples. And He answered and said to them, I tell you that if these should be silent, the stones would cry out.

 BTW, the rest of Daniel's prophecy (again, recall that we have document evidence that Danielwas written before Jesus' birth, so it is a prophecy in the truest sense) was fullfill also:

 After the sixty-two "sevens", the Anointed One will be cut off (i.e., die) and will have nothing. The people of the ruler (Roman) who will come will destroy the city (Jerusalem) and the sanctuary (temple).

 Jerusalem and the (second) temple were destroyed in 70 AD

 BTW, Jesus himself reminded His disciples about this prophecy



Humor is the best Medicine / Getting into Heaven
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Getting into Heaven 
Recently a teacher, a garbage collector, and a lawyer wound up together at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter informed them that in order to get into Heaven, they would each have to answer one question.

St. Peter addressed the teacher and asked, "What was the name of the ship that crashed into the iceberg? They just made a movie about it."The teacher answered quickly, "That would be the Titanic." St. Peter let him through the gate.

St. Peter turned to the garbage man and, figuring Heaven didn't *really* need all the odors that this guy would bring with him, decided to make the question a little harder: "How many people died on the ship?"Fortunately for him, the trash man had just seen the movie. "1,228," he answered."That's right! You may enter."

St. Peter turned to the lawyer. "Name them."

Humor is the best Medicine / Baby brother
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 For weeks a six-year old lad kept telling his first-grade teacher about the baby brother or sister that was expected at his house.

 One day the mother allowed the boy to feel the movements of the unborn child. The six-year old was obviously impressed, but made no comment. Furthermore, he stopped telling his teacher about the impending event.

 The teacher finally sat the boy on her lap and said, “Tommy, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?”

Tommy burst into tears and confessed, “I think Mommy ate him!”

Humor is the best Medicine / The smart chauffeur
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 When Albert Einstein was making the rounds of the speaker’s circuit, he usually found himself eagerly longing to get back to his laboratory work. One night as they were driving to yet another rubber-chicken dinner, Einstein mentioned to his chauffeur (a man who somewhat resembled Einstein in looks & manner) that he was tired of speechmaking.

“I have and idea, boss,” his chauffeur said. “I’ve heard you give this speech so many times. I’ll bet I could give it for you.”

Einstein laughed loudly and said, “Why not? Let’s do it!”

When they arrive at the dinner, Einstein donned the chauffeur’s cap and jacket and sat in the back of the room. The chauffeur gave a beautiful rendition of Einstein’s speech and even answered a few questions expertly.

 Then a supremely pompous professor asked an extremely esoteric question about anti-matter formation, digressing here and there to let everyone in the audience know that he was nobody’s fool.

 Without missing a beat, the chauffeur fixed the professor with a steely stare and said, “Sir, the answer to that question is so simple that I will let my chauffeur, who is sitting in the back, answer it for me.”

Where to find the Antichrist and his titles in the Bible:

The term antichrist:
1 Jn.2:18; 2:22 and 4:3

Titles of the antichrist in the Bible:
The "Beast"
Revelation 6:2; 11:7; 13:1-18; 17:8,11,16; 19:19,20 and 20:4.

The "Little Horn"
Daniel 7:7-8
The stern-faced king
"And he shall confirm a covenant"

The King Who "Does What He Pleases" "Magnifies Himself Above God", and "Speaks Monstrous Things Against God"
Daniel 11:36-45
The "Foolish Shepherd" and the "Worthless Shepherd"
Zechariah 11:15-17
The "Man of Sin", the "Son of Destruction", and the "man of lawlessness"
2 Thessalonians 2:1-3, 4 and 8.
Where to find Satan and his titles in the Bible:

"And the serpent said unto the woman, 'you shall not surely die.'"

"And I shall put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed"
"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer son of the morning"
"Thou hast been in Eden/thou art the anointed cherub"

"Then was Jesus led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil."
"Now is the time for judgment on this world;  now the prince of this world will be driven out"
"The great dragon will be hurled down - that ancient serpent called the devil or Satan."

The dragon will give the beast his throne, power and great authority."


Daniel 9:27 (HCSB) He will confirn a firm covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and offering. And the abomination of desolation will be on a wing of the temple until the decreed destruction is poured out on the him.”

Who is he who confirms a covenant with many in Dan.9:27?

The question is, who is the he? The traditional view of this passage is that "he" here refers to the Antichrist. The Antichrist will confirm a covenant and stop sacrifices that at some point a future will resume, and set up the Abomination of Desolation.

Preterists say that he refers to the real Christ; Jesus Christ is actually the one that causes sacrifices to stop by sacrificing himself. As far as the overspreading of abominations I don't know how they explain that.

Covenant Confirmed Elsewhere

So how do we know who the he is? We can know for sure who he is. The he of Daniel 9:27 does three things: he first confirms the covenant, he stops the daily sacrifices, and he sets up the Abomination of Desolation.

In Daniel 11 we have a discourse about the King of the North. When you get to verse 31, it talks about the Antichrist and his partners placing a abomination that makes desolate and stopping the sacrifices. This is absolute proof that the he of Daniel 9:27 is the Antichrist not the real Christ.

Daniel 11:31 (KJV) And arms shall stand on his part, and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, and shall take away the daily sacrifice, and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.

If you're not sure this is the Antichrist, read on what else this person does:

Daniel 11:36 (KJV) And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak unheard of things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.


 For those who would like to explore an alternative view to what Jesus post resurrection body was, let me pose this question for you:

As we read in John 1:1-2, reference to the Word, is equated as that of Jesus: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was with God in the beginning."  In John 17:5: "And now Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began."  In Proverbs 8:22-23: "The Lord brought me forth as the first of His works, before His deeds of old; I was appointed from eternity, from the beginning, before the world began."  Finally, in Col.1:15: "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation."

As such, the pre-incarnate Jesus was the first of YHWH's heavenly host spirit world, consisting of angels, through whom He created the universe according to Heb.1:1-2: "In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, and through whom He made the universe."

The pre-incarnate Jesus was seen in the old testament at various times, physically materialized [called a theophany], as well as angels, such as being referred to as Lord, in Genesis 18, 19 and in Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestled with Him and called Him God.  In Jos.5:13-15 where he is the Captain of God's army from heaven.  Again in Nebuchadnezzar's fiery furnace when He appeared as the fourth man in the furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, in Daniel 3:25, among a number of other places.

Which brings us to the issues in 1 Cor.15:42-44: "So will it be with the resurrection of the dead.  The body that is sown is perishable, it is raised imperishable; it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory; it is sown in weakeness, it is raised in power; it is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body." And in verse 50: "I declare to you brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable."

And again in 1 Cor.15:52-54: "In a flash, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.  Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed - in a flash, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet: For the trumpet will sound the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.  For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality., then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory."

Now the question is, was the pre-incarnate body of Jesus the same as His resurrected body, since it had all the characteristics of a physical human body?  As illustrated above  in both the bodies of the pre-incarnate Jesus, as well as the angels who appeared fully materialized, God sent on various missions to earth in the old testament.  Such as those with Abraham, in Genesis 18, 19, and 32  when he wrestled with Jacob, as well as the captain of God's army in Jos.5:13-15,  where they both ate and were physically active?
If not, provide examples of why the visible glorified body of Jesus, was not the very same as that of His pre-incarnate body, empowered to be materialized and fully physical, when He was resurrected.  In the very same way as the angels who appeared in visible bodies, all with every physical aspect of the mortal physical bodies of human beings.  A case and point is recorded in Acts 9:7, where Jesus accosted Saul and the men with him on the road to Damascus, when they heard him, but no one saw Him.

Humor is the best Medicine / Blonde Tragedy
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 A blonde was sitting on the train reading the newspaper. "The headline shouted, "12 Brazillian Soldiers Killed." She shook her head at the sad news, then she turned to the stranger sitting next to her and asked, "How many is a Brazilian?"

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Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."
Forgiveness is available until we get to eternity and then our eternal fate is sealed. Right now, people are free to sin and repent; but there is no forgiveness of sin for the damned in hell.


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"If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?"


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Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."

The Crusader

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JUST A THINK ABOUT IT: Will you embrace the full meaning of Christmas? Jesus didn't die just so you could go to heaven. He came to give you life - His life; an abundant life free from guilt, condemnation, and slavery to both sins and religion. He came to bring a grace revolution to the world and tha

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