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Politics / Vote Communist-Vote Kerry
« on: November 01, 2004, 04:16:19 PM »
Hi guys -

If you think our president can be trusted, you are badly mislead.  He ignored the UN inspectors that no WMD could be found.  He ignored the advise of the major world leaders, as well as the UN, who did not believe Iraq should be attacked, except Britain and Spain. [The latter already pulling out of Iraq].

He was the first president in our history to engage us in a preemptive war with another country - who never as much as attacked us.

Our enemy who struck us in the 9/11 attack is the Al Quaida!  Not Saddam!  They are not weaker today - but unfortunately ten times stronger than ever!

He is the first president in history to commit us to war and effect a huge tax cut in war time!  Brilliant!

He committed our military to a war with vastly insufficient numbers to effectively win it as well as the peace afterwards.  He has no plan at all to withdraw now that we are stuck there, while he thinks there is going to bre a democratic government established in an Islamic nation.  Don't hold your breath!  

Our military personnel were improperly equiped with insufficient armor, causing the men within them to be killed or maimed when they run over the explosives left by the insurgents.  Nor were they equiped with sufficient communications equipment to effectively engage in their patrols.  I have a grandson over there right now, in a second round, in that very exposure!

The effect of the attack on the Islamic nation of Iraq has given every Islamic nation a chance to come across the borders to attack our military personnel and harrass them, kill them and destroy the millions of taxpayer dollars put into the restoration of the Iraqi infrastructure.  That our president keeps telling us things are getting better - they are not!  They are getting ten times worse than before we ever got involved in Iraq.

It has cost us about 1,100 killed and countless more wounded because of committing us to a completely needless war!  Iraq was no threat whatsoever!  What were they going to attack us with - mud bricks?

The reprisals of OPEC because of our position against an Islamic nation has resulted in the highest oil prices in history.  Watch the air lines and trucking industry and every business that requires the use of vehicles or of oil products of any kind go bankrupt like you have never witnessed before!  Our country is going to suffer from the blunders made for many years to come because of the actions of this president!  Every American is already suffering because of them!

John Kerry is the man with the military experience because he has been there and been in combat.  Our president has not!  The experience and trust are without a doubt in the corner with Mr. Kerry.

Anyone who harbors ideas of being able to trust Mr. Bush with the past four year history he has already shown us, is truly the epitome of ignorance!

A former WW2 Vet with two years overseas duty in the Pacific with the Army Air Corps!

I am Quasar, and I approve this message!   :D

Town Hall / The older I get, the less I know!
« on: September 23, 2004, 11:04:23 PM »
Come on guys!

Where do you think that philosophy leaves me!  The Ancient Oracle that outdates all of you!   :crackup:

Honest injun!  That aint the way it works!  The longer we diligently have our noses in our Bibles, the more the Holy Spirit opens our eyes to what He put in there.

By so doing - we can never be accused of having been behind the door when the brains was passed out!   :snicker:

In Christ!


Post Complaints & Recommendations Here / New Forums -
« on: September 22, 2004, 10:57:11 PM »
Hi friends -

How about an Apologetics forum, a Revelation/End times prophecy forum and a Christian Questian and Answer forum?

I am aware some of the above would overlap some you already have - yet there are differences.

What are your thoughts?

In Christ!


Town Hall / I supposed I knew my Bible...
« on: September 04, 2004, 09:55:14 AM »
Hi Crusader -

You wax words of wisdom - indeed!  May it also be said - that which is of God can only come from the Bible, His Word.  All other sources are the interpretations and opinions of mankind.

Your bro in Christ!


Religious News / Islam vs. Christianity
« on: August 13, 2004, 08:57:01 AM »
It is awesome how true and accurate the characterization of what the people who embraced Islam, God described as He did in the following:

"The angel of the Lord also said to her: [Hagar] 'You are now with child and you will have a son.  You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard your misery.  He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.'"  Gen.16:11-12.

Nothing has changed since then, has it!

In Christ!


Politics / Get Bush Out of Office
« on: August 07, 2004, 09:25:30 AM »
Like you, Me Again, I am and have been all my life, a registered Republican.

But I will not vote for G.W.Bush.  He has cost our country dearly - not just in monetary means, but in human life as well as in our very lifestyle.  He needs to be replaced ASAP.

However, I have no intentions of throwing my vote away on a sure loser, making my vote a non-entity.  I have heard Kerry's speech and his platform commitments and it is clear who the better man is.

I challenge anyone who literally believes Bush to be a better Christian than Kerry, either.  As for his voting record in the Senate - go back and have a look at JFK's!  He is infinitely better qualified as a military commander in chief.

My last point is, don't judge Kerry by the Democratic non-judgemental approach to abortion and gay marriages.  He hasn't made any commitment to either that I'm aware of as of this time.  Let's keep this in mind - 'Let he who has sinned not cast the first stone!'

In Christ.


Town Hall / Are You a Church Member?
« on: August 07, 2004, 08:58:11 AM »
Greetings friends -   :)

By one of the statements made in my previous post, I may have given the wrong impression about the need for us to attend a church that preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  By all means, it is necessary for us to do so in order to grow and be fed spiritually.

Although, it is not necessary for a person to be a member of a church in order to seek and obtain their salvation through belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.  After being saved, it is necessary to go to the kind of church mentioned above - for the reasons mentioned above.  As well as to find friends and companions of like belief to fellowship with to share and to learn from one another.

Going to church will equip the new Christian through the worship, prayer, and study of the Word of God to be prepared to share the Good News learned with others, who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  This we can all do, regardless of what our walk in life may be, as we interface with others in whatever it is we may be involved in.

My spiritual experience has spanned a good many years, in many different communities, as what I have done in my lifetime has carried me to many places.  I have held memberships in the Presbyterian, Brethren, Methodist, Lutheran [MO Syn], and Baptist churches, since 1937 when I received Jesus Christ as my own personal Lord and Savior.

Since becoming handicapped from my WW2 Air Corps experiences, I have been involved as a Forums Adminstrator at a Christian Web Site, over the past four years, with over 12,000 threads and posts, from which I have recently retired from, in order to visit and participate in other Christian Web Sites like this one.

As you can see, there are ways for all of us to serve the Lord, even when being an 'ancient oracle,' or handicapped.  It makes no difference.  One handicapped 'wag' once said, 'So what's your excuse.'   :)

In Christ!


Town Hall / Are You a Church Member?
« on: August 06, 2004, 10:16:15 AM »
Hi friends -

All of us who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, belong to the Church of Jesus Christ.  Regardless of what denomination we are. 1 Cor.12:12-13, Jn.3:16, Rom.10:9-10 and Eph.1:12-14.

Nor do we need any local church for our salvation, as is clear from the teachings of the Scriptures.  An example of where the early ecclesias [church] met can be found in Rom.16:5, 1 Cor.16:19 and Phile.2 where they all met in one another's houses.

Though I am still a member of the Baptist church, due to infirmities, as many thousands of us are, I am unable to attend.  However, that does not prevent me from meeting with others in the name of the Lord, to pray, read the Bible, worship and sing in His name with His blessings in the very same way it would be if I went to either a Catholic or the Crystal Cathedral!  Mt.18:20.  It takes only two or three in Jesus name for Him to be among us.   :)

In Christ!


Religious News / Islam vs. Christianity
« on: August 04, 2004, 03:54:07 PM »
Hi friends -

The following are some facts about Islam which sets them completely apart from Christianity.

Muhammed claims to follow the teachings of Abraham through Ishmael, while the God of the Bible stated that His covenant would be through Isaac's seed from which would come the Lord Jesus.

"But my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear unto thee at this set time in the next year" [Gen.17:21].  "Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made, He saith not, and to seeds as of many; and to thy seed, which is Christ." [Gal.3:16].

Islam says:

Jesus is not the Son of God.
Jesus did not die for our sins.
Jesus was not crucified.
Jesus is not divine as well as human.
Jesus is not the Savior.

These are issues of the Qur'an in complete contradiction to the Christian Bible.  See Suras 4:157; 5:19, 75; 9:30.

Muhammed was a sinner.  Many Muslims believe that he was sinless.  However, he said this himself:  "O Allah, set me apart from my sins..."  [Hadith vol. 1, No. 711].

In Sura 18:10, Allah tells Muhammed, "Say that I am but a man like yourselves."

Muhammed was not sure if he was going to heaven himself.  He said, "By Allah, though I am the apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me." [Hadith vol.5, No. 266].

The Qur'an gives four conflicting accounts of how Muhammed was called to be a prophet:
     1.  In Sura 53:2-18 and 81:19-24, Allah personally appeared.

     2.  In Sura 16:102 and 26:192-194 he was called by the Holy Spirit.

     3.  In Sura 15:8, the angels announced his prophetic ministry.

     4.  The angel Gabriel told him of his ministry and gave him the Qur'an.  His first converts were genies whom he allegedly preached to and converted.  Sura 46:29-35; 72:1-28.

Islam used Jihad [holy war] to force religion.  The Hadith [another holy book of Islam] states that Jihad is the second best thing to believing in Allah and his apostle, Muhammed.

Allah's apostle was asked, "What is the best deed?"  He replied, "To believe in Allah and His apostle."  The questioner then asked, "What is the next?"  He replied, "To participate in Jihad in Allah's cause." [Hadith vol. 8, No. 796].

Women are treated bad in Islam.  Sura 4:34 states, "Men are the managers of the affairs of women.  Those you fear may be rebellious.  Admonish, banish them to their couches and beat them."

In Christ!


Religious News / Pope comes out against death penalty
« on: July 12, 2004, 10:23:33 AM »
Hi Dave -

You said:

>>>Catholic moral theology does not assert that the death penalty is always illict. However, how it is implemented can be unjust.<<<

Is it not God who established righteous justice?  It is man who has diluted it leaving it without, coupled with the errors of the human element.  You are right - it is difficult to really find true justice in the USA.

The fact is, to put a screaming halt to the crime epidemic in this country, there is a sure way.  Reinstigate the 40 stripes less one as was originated by God.  A good example of the success of corporal punishment is China, as well as a few others.  There would be far greater deterent in that than the death penalty is now.

In Christ!


Religious News / Pope comes out against death penalty
« on: June 28, 2004, 03:40:56 PM »
Here is another case and point - where the Pope - and the Word of God are in opposite corners.

It is God Himself who instigated the death penalty - so what is the Pope thinking about?

The one penalty that would be the strongest deterent to crime - greater than even the death penalty - are those 40 lashes - less one - imposed in the Mosaic Law.

The number of deaths from people being shot in this country, last year alone, about 11,500, is a travesty!  Look at the obedience of the Chinese - simply because they utilize corporal punishment!  When punishment begins with pain for criminals - the crime wave will diminish materially.

In Christ!


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