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Author Topic: From the destruction of Solomon's Temple -  (Read 1040 times)

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From the destruction of Solomon's Temple -
« on: May 11, 2009, 12:46:36 AM »
Through the destruction to the second -

There were three different sieges by Nebuchadnezzar in exiling various groups to Babylon. The first one was in the first year in the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, in Jer.25:1 and the 4th year in the reign of Jehoiakim, which would have been in 605 B.C. But the records of both Babylonian as well as Medo/Persian are not known for their historical accuracy.

The first Babylonian raid on Judea, was when the prophets, Daniel, Zechariah were all taken, according to Jer.25:1. the second raid was in the 592 when Ezekiel and Haggai were taken according to Ez.1:1-2. And the third and final raid was in 586 B.C., in the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar and the eleventh year of Zedekiah in 2 Kgs.25:2, 8; Jer.39:2 and 2 Chr.36:19 when the temple was destroyed. But the 70 year exile count did not begin until 585, because the final harvest of the land was allowed by God to take place first, in Jer.40:10-12. Therefore, the 70 year exile countdown began in 585 B.C. and ended in 515 B.C.

Meanwhile, Medo/Persia defeated Babylon in 539 B.C., in Cyrus first year of reign, according to Ezra 1:1. Who decreed the rebuilding of the temple that very same year. Which was finished in Darius 6/4th [take your pick] year of reign, according to Ezra 6:15 and Zech.7:1. Which would have been 444/446 B.C.

From there, the beginning of the 70 weeks of years decree of Dan.9:24-27, is from the decree by the Persian king, Artaxerxes, in His 20th yer of reign, which was 445 B.C., according to Neh.2:1.

Beginning in the 70 "weeks" of years [Each "week" consisting of a heptad/7 year period of time], from Dan.24-26, 69 of the "weeks" have already been fulfilled, or 7 X 69 = 483 years of it. The final 7 years, is covered in vs 27, which is the very same time frame Jesus covered in His Olivet Discourse in Mt.24:4-28. As well as in Rev.6:1-17. Which is also known as the seven year tribulation as well as the Day of the Lord, according to Rev.7:14 and 2 Thes.2:2-3.

Re dates provided from Scriptural record above, there are a couple of other interesting points about them to point out as well.

For example, the first one is, with the first countdown of the 70 year exile of Judah into Babylon, a year after the destruction of Solomon's temple, in 585 B.C., the exile ended in 515 B.C. when the second temple was completed, in the 5th year of the reign of Darius, in 445 B.C., 70 years after the 70 year exile of Judah to Babylon/Persia was over [140 year after].

The second one is: The decree to rebuild the second temple was made in the first year in the reign of the Persian king, Cyrus in 539 B.C. It was completed in the 4/6th year in the reign of Darius, in 515 B.C. Exactly 70 years after Solomon's temple had been destroyed


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Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."

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