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Author Topic: What is today's Jewish date?  (Read 2140 times)

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What is today's Jewish date?
« on: January 29, 2013, 04:38:11 PM »
Quote from: Jewish / Civil Date Converter
The Jewish calendar starts with the day when Adam and Eve were created (the Sixth Day of Creation). We are now in the eighth century of the sixth millennium. For example, the year 2013 is 5773 in the Jewish calendar.

Check out this Jewish date calender:

It is the year 5773 since Adam and Eve sinned!!!  :o
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Re: What is today's Jewish date?
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2013, 12:44:33 PM »
This is a very interesting subject, and one that has caused me a good many hours attempting to find out why the difference between their timeline and the Biblical one we go by.

Rabbi Hillel who lived to be 120 years of age, from BC through Jesus first advent, is the one who's calculations they go by, according to several sources.  Check out the following info you might find of interest:

The Jewish calendar is based on the birth of Adam in the Garden at Eden. That date was determined by Hebrew scholars around 1000 A.D. to have occurred on October 7, 3761 B.C. This date corresponds to the year 1 in the Hebrew calendar, and has ever since formed the basis for that calendar. The Hebrew calendar, therefore shows us a 6000 year period involved in the history of mankind, with today's date less than 240 years shy of the year 6000 and the advent of the 7000th year. In prophecy terms each "thousand" equates to a "day" to God. That means the 7th day begins just a couple of hundred years from now.  Since scripture dictates that everything that belongs to God must be returned to Him without equivocation on the 7th day, the advent of that day is seen by prophecy to herald the end of the world. Jesus said that the last days would be cut short, so if that expectation is correct, the end will come before the Hebrew year 6001.

The Christian calendar is based on the appearance of Jesus Christ, the Messiah promised by Moses.  The Christian calendar entered it's third day on January 1st, 2001.  Prophecy predicts that the Christian era on earth (in terms of the "light" of Christ brought by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in 30 or 33 A.D.) will last "almost" 2000 years.  As with the end of the Mosaic calendar, Christianity's calendar has also almost reached the end predicted for it in scripture. This, in light of the fact that Moses predicted that the people would see God, the Father, face to face early on the "third day". He ordered the Israelites in the desert of Sinai to "wash and clean for two days" and then meet God face to face on the third day. This washing and cleaning is seen by prophecy as relating to the term of baptism on earth, structuring a two-day "Day of Atonement" (Gen.3:18; Ex.19:10-11; Joshua 10:12-14).

Source:  http://goodnewspirit.com/hebrew_calendar.htm

I have read from several sources they believe the 239 years difference in Rabbi Hillel's calculations and those the Bible clearly reveal to us, was to avoid proof of their Messiah's very existence during his time, as Dan.9:27 clearly reveals to them.

According to Rabbinic reckoning, the beginning of "year 1" is not Creation, but about one year before Creation, with the new moon of its first month (Tishrei) to be called molad tohu (the mean new moon of chaos or nothing). The Jewish calendar's epoch (reference date), 1 Tishrei AM 1, is equivalent to Monday, 7 October 3761 BC/BCE in the proleptic Julian calendar, the equivalent tabular date (same daylight period) and is about one year before the traditional Jewish date of Creation on 25 Elul AM 1, based upon the Seder Olam Rabbah of Rabbi Yossi ben Halafta, a 2nd-century sage.[35] Thus, adding 3760 before Rosh Hashanah or 3761 after to a Julian or Gregorian year number after 1 CE (AD 1) will yield the Hebrew year. For earlier years there may be a discrepancy (see: Missing years (Jewish calendar)). The year AM 5771 began on 9 September 2010 (1 Tishrei or Rosh Hashanah) and, since it is a 13-month year, ended on 28 September 2011 (29 Elul).

In Hebrew there are two common ways of writing the year number: with the thousands, called לפרט גדול ("major era"), and without the thousands, called לפרט קטן ("minor era").

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrew_calendar

Bible chronology from Adam to Jesus:

    *                                                               *
    *  Adam to Abraham ..................    1948 yrs               *
    *  Abraham to Egypt .................     290 yrs               *
    *                                                               *
    *  From Egypt to Moses: (X) Let X = 63     63 yrs               *
    *                                                               *
    *       X = (Kohath to Amram to Moses)                          *
    *                                                               *
    *  Moses to the Exodus ..............      80 yrs               *
    *  Exodus to death Joshua ...........      70 yrs               *
    *  Judges to Samuel .................     450 yrs (Acts 13:20)  *
    *  Kings of Judah ...................     513 yrs               *
    *  Babylonian Captivity .............     586 B.C.E.            *
    *                                    ---------------            *
    *  Adam to Jesus                          4000 yrs              *
    *                                                               *

And, of course, another 2,o12 years since.

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Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."

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