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Author Topic: The stimulus package  (Read 2711 times)

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The stimulus package
« on: May 01, 2013, 09:30:43 PM »
I think that one has to be brain dead to argue that the stimulus package has not helped to boost the economy. The problem is that one also has to be foolish if we think we are going to get away with the looming debt that the stimulus package has help cause. Trying to argue that the stimulus package did not help is foolish. The real argument is that it is the wrong choice. Sacrificing the future for the immediate is always foolish.

This is not a debt that our children are going to be faced with. This is a debt that we are faced with and most likely will not be able to overcome.
With a 17 trillion debt and growing at an alarming rate there is not a single suggestion, much less an understanding as how to overcome it. That means the nation has to fall into bankruptcy with an internal collapse while every person loses just about everything we have and we become much like third world countries.

Most people have no clue to the amount we are in debt. We are about to top 17 trillion. One trillion is a million dollars a day, every single day, for 2739 years. We are 17 times that in debt. That is more then the GDP. There is just no fix for this and remain the nation we are or have been so be prepared for what is coming. Wall Street knows its coming. That is why we see the daily wild rides. Everyone is trying to guess when the fall will hit, but when it hits the great depression will seem like a small dent to what we will experience.
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October 09, 2014, 02:15:06 PM
Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."
Forgiveness is available until we get to eternity and then our eternal fate is sealed. Right now, people are free to sin and repent; but there is no forgiveness of sin for the damned in hell.


October 05, 2014, 10:24:53 AM
"If it is hard for the righteous to be saved, what will become of the ungodly and the sinner?"


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February 26, 2014, 04:30:18 PM
Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."

The Crusader

December 23, 2013, 09:38:53 AM
JUST A THINK ABOUT IT: Will you embrace the full meaning of Christmas? Jesus didn't die just so you could go to heaven. He came to give you life - His life; an abundant life free from guilt, condemnation, and slavery to both sins and religion. He came to bring a grace revolution to the world and tha

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