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Author Topic: What is Progressive Dispensationalism ?  (Read 1674 times)

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What is Progressive Dispensationalism ?
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:19:45 AM »
It is hard to define exactly what PD is for a number of reasons. First, it is still in the development stage. Second, it is easier to say what they don’t believe and how they are different than older dispensationalists, than what they actually believe since it appears that some of their thought is tentative. Third, even though the final chapter of DIC includes a section called “Progressive Dispensationalism” (380-85) there is not really a definition or a list of things that are essential to this new brand of dispensationalism. There is only a listing of “patterns” (379) of those who claim to be dispensationalists. Even though DIC is said to be “The Search for Definition,” apparently the journey has not yet reached its destination. Blaising does not think that anyone can isolate essentials of dispensationalism, instead they can only observe patterns which those calling themselves “dispensationalists” have put forth (379). By avoiding essentials and providing only descriptive patterns, Blaising has in effect made it impossible (using his terms) to evaluate whether or not one is truly a dispensationalist. (How can a definition be formulated if their are no discernible essentials?)

Therefore, an issue becomes whether or not to accept Blaising’s terms for the discussion or not. If one uses an older form of dispensationalism as a standard, then there would be a reasonable basis to question whether or not PD is really a modified form of dispensationalism or whether or not it is closer to a modified form of Covenant Theology, thus not really dispensationalism at all. One current professor at Dallas Seminary who is strongly opposed to this new formulation of dispensationalism has described the issue to me as follows: One has to decide whether or not PD is merely rearranging the furniture in the room (i.e., development of dispensationalism), or whether or not they are removing key pieces of furniture from the room (i.e., abandonment of dispensationalism).

 For the complete article:


See also: http://www.middletownbiblechurch.org/dispen/progresi.htm

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Religious Lie: "God only paid for sins until the next time you sin."

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