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Author Topic: When & Where Will The Battle of Armageddon Take Place ?  (Read 1559 times)

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When & Where Will The Battle of Armageddon Take Place ?
« on: September 13, 2013, 11:18:10 AM »
It is that period of time in the prophetic timetable, yet to take place, describing the Day of the Lord, in Dan.9:27.  The 70th and final week of God's decree upon the destiny of Israel, a seven year period of tribulation, in which the last 3.5 years of it will be the worst in the history of the world, which is known as the Great Tribulation, recorded in Mt.24:21.  It will be led by the final world ruler before the return of Christ, known as the antichrist, who Satan will give his throne, power and great authority to, in Rev.13. The false prophet, will be his right hand man, and are the two beasts of Rev.13.  They will have the ten horns, the symbol for a ten nation confederation, in their army, as allies, and fully represent the Godless and the wicked/evil of the world.

When Jesus returns in His second coming to the earth, near the end of the coming seven year tribulation, in Rev.19:14, He will bring with Him, all of His angels and all members of His Church, in His armies from heaven, according to Mt.24:31 and Rev.19:14, Zech.14:5 and Jude 14, all of whom represent the righteous and good people of the earth, our Lord, Jesus Christ will lead into the battle of Armageddon, against the two beasts, the antichrist, the false prophet and the ten nations allied to them, and will completely destroy them, recorded in Rev.19:17-20.

The first mention in the of what is going to be the battle of Armageddon, is the parenthetic passage about the "harvest of the earth," in Rev.14:11-20. Where we are told the blood will flow as high as the horses bridles, for 200 miles! How horrible that is going to be!

The chronological order of the actual event is found in Rev.19:17-21.

This final world war, the battle of Armageddon will take place In the Valley of Jezreel and the Plain of Esdraelon at the foot of Mount Megiddo where the scene of many decisive incidents in the history of Israel:  The victory over Sisera sung by Deborah and Barak [Judges 5:19-20]; Gideon's defeat of Midian [6:33]; Saul's death at the hands of the Philistines [1 Sam.31 cf 2 Sam.4:4]; Josiah's death in battle with Pharaoh Neco [2 Kgs.23:29-30]; Ahaziah's death when he fled there [9:27].  The town of Megiddo guarded the pass that formed the easiest caravan route between the plain of Sharon and the Valley of Jezreel, and the low mountains around were silent witnesses of more bloody encounters than any other spot on earth.  Hence the appropriateness of this place for the vast conflict pictured in Revelation 16.

The two mountains of brass [Zech.6], indicate a time of judgment and the exact location refers to the valley between Mt. Zion, the temple mount, and the Mt. of Olives. This valley is called the Valley of Jehoshaphat in Joel 3:2, 12, also known as the Valley of Kiddron.. This is the valley of judgment as indicated in Joel 3:14 - "Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision." The multitude of Jewish graves on the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives express their desire to be close to the front of the line on judgment day, thinking this to be the time of greater leniency. Some scholars believe this to be the location of the battle of Armageddon, which is more than likely, where it will end up, with Jerusalem being the focal point of it, according to Zech.14.

The World Power at the time this takes place:

As to the four beasts of Dan.7:3-7, they refer to the first four major world powers of: Babylon; Medo-Persia; Greece and Rome. The latter was the world power during the time of Jesus first advent.

Then it takes a turn into the future, a prophecy, with reference to the fourth beast, Rome, who has ten horns. Which means, the fourth world power during Jesus first advent, will be the revived final world power, made up of the same nations the original Roman Empire consisted of, such as the European Union, at Jesus return to the earth in His second advent.  We see here that the fourth world power, which was Rome, will be revived into the eighth world power, which was of the first seven, according to Rev.17:9-11.

According to Rev.17:8-13, we find there is three additional world powers in addition to the original four mentioned in Dan.7:3-7, but they are not identified. Mention of an eighth world power/kingdom, will be that of the antichrist, who will come out of the revived Roman Empire that made up the old fourth world power, Rome. 

In Rev.17:14, is revealed, as described above, the antichrist,false prophet and the ten/nations [vs 12] fight against Jesus and His armies from heaven with His "called, faithful and chosen," [His entire Church] who participate in the battle of Armageddon and defeat/destroy them.


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