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The doctrine of amillennialism, or that there is no 1,000 years of literal reign upon the earth by Jesus Messieh, is a Catholic doctrine. The teaching that the eternal millennial kingdom of Jesus began in 70AD and there is no future 1,000 year earthy reign of Jesus is a false teach of Origen and Catholicism. These amillennial falsehoods were not preached or believed by the Apostles.

The amillennial heresy must pervert Scripture, spiritualize Scripture, and change the Scriptures, for it to even gain a remote possibility of being accepted as true. Everyone who is a Catholic amillennialist will have the wildest spiritualizing stories you have ever heard. And yet most of these do not like or believe several other Catholic doctrines, traditions, and heresies. Why then, do they hold on to this teaching?

The amillennial doctrine came into the Catholic Church by Origen via St. Augustine. He in turn got it from being associated with Manichaeanism. He may also have gotten it from contact with the teachings of Clement of Alexandria.

Alexandria, Egypt is also where the trinity doctrine was brought by Athanasius to Nicaea. The question here is: did any good doctrine come out of Egypt? It was here also that Monasteries were invented and where *Catholic-Nicolaitian* gnosticsim was incubated under Clement and Origen. Would it not then seem appropriate for amillennialism to come from that very place of apostasy? One thing is certain, ...neither the Catholics or those who teach this Catholic dogma can trace it to Jerusalem and the Apostles. Therefore, they must pervert what did come from Jerusalem and reinterpret the Scriptures of the Apostles, to make their heresy agree with Egypt. And to do this, they must spiritualize what came out of Jerusalem from the Apostles. So when, they get to the Jerusalem text of Revelation 20:1-10, they do the Egyptian trick on it and pervert it.

Amillennialist always persist in bringing up issues that have no bearing on the interpretation of Revelation 20:1-10. Such issues are the book is totally symbolic why not also the thousand years; cannot God own the cattle on 1001 hills; the wicked being all destroyed at the coming of Jesus; one taken and another left; fighting for the Kingdom; the Kingdom not of this world; where do the sinners come from who populate the earth in the millennial; why are their alleged animal sacrifices to Jesus during this time out of Ezekiel's temple; and confusing the end of the world and the final judgment with the coming of Messieh at the end of the judgments of the tribulation.

To make amillennialism work, they spiritualize the battle of Armageddon as being a spiritual fight between the Saints and the devil; they spiritualize the bottomless pit as the heart of a Saint or sinner (only a Saint could seal him up if that is true and in their heart? You figure that out); they spiritualize the mark of the beast as sin or the Roman numerals in the Pope's crown (and yet they claim they took the mark of sin and can still be saved); they spiritualize the first resurrection (Rev. 20:4), as either water baptism, or being born again by faith only, as passing from death to life (the alleged first resurrection); they spiritualize being beheaded (Rev. 20:4), as a person who takes off their head of sin and who puts on a head of Christ or Messieh; they spiritualize the thrones (Rev. 20:4), as being positions as Apostles in the New Testament Church; they spiritualize the 1,000 years of reigning with Messieh as this being a symbolic number to describe the entire Church age however long it will last.

Since they end the world at the second coming of Messieh, they don't know who those are mentioned: *But the rest of the dead lived not until the thousand years were finished*; they never answer who these dead are to be saved *after* the thousand years are finished, if all the dead are saved during the thousand years which they make the Church age?

These spiritualize that the devil is bound in the bottomless pit at Calvary. Some amillenialist claim that Jesus is really Michael the archangel. One famous amillennialist of the Presbyterians (William Cox), said when questioned if this was so, how is it that the devil is out of the pit and waring against the Saints, the Church, and the Apostles, and even has a seat in Pergamos? He replied that all he could figure out was that the devil must be out of the pit on some probation. But if the devil is bound for a thousand years and the thousand years is figurative of the whole Church age, would not the devil then be bound the whole Church age? What devil have these Pentecostals been casting out for the last hundred years? William Cox put his statement about the devil being out on probation in his book on *Amillennialism For Today.* The devil out on probation? What a hoot!

Amillennialist spiritualize the rapture. A real amillenialist does not believe in the rapture and against this they rail vehemently. Most amillennialist take the words *caught up together to meet the Lord in the air* as meaning caught up in euphoria, and the word *clouds* to mean glory. So they hate the so-called rapture doctrine and teach that when Jesus comes to earth every eye shall see him and being caught up in the euphoria of the moment they are ushered into the presence or glory of the Lord ON EARTH, not in the physical air. This scares me, because the antichrist will stir up euphoria and a fake glory and to this many millions will flock. Many spiritualize being changed from mortality to immortality as being filled with the Holy Ghost and that our bodies will not change to one that is spiritual, but be given back immortality.

Now, prior to the Church having existed a thousand years, such a heresy could have claimed this, but the rationality of claiming it now, borders on the insane. And those who lived early in this thousand years like Clement, Origen, Augustine, et al, could make all sorts of allegations but now in retrospect we know they were false and deceived.

And, please note, that in all of their writings, these never did spiritualize the 1,000 years into 2,000 years as done by amillennialist today. They quite expected the earth to last only that 1,000 years and come to an explosive end. But when it did not end in 1000AD, the whole doctrine needed revision. Then it was necessary to invent and correct Clement, Origen, and Augustine, about the millennial being spiritualized to cover the whole Church age.

Since this is just a simple web-site and a few pages on this issue, all of the heresy cannot be treated. And, it is customary for amillennialist that if you do not prove all of their doctrine is false in every aspect of their theory, they will take one or two issues not dealt with as proof the whole doctrine is still valid, and go BACK and take up those portions proven to be false. This proves their dishonesty in handling the Word of God. This demonstrates how slippery an amillennialist can be, and they are not ashamed or timid, to call anyone who exposes their Catholic heresy liars and false prophets. So, keep the e-mail coming folks, my hate mail will as usual be tremendous. Getting rid of Roman riddles seems to be a chore even among the Oneness Apostolic and Pentecostal Churches.

By Pastor G. Reckart


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