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Title: Resurrection teaching
Post by: saved on April 02, 2011, 06:01:01 AM
If I were to ask how many of those on this board who are pastors, or who are involved in teaching some sort of bible class (Sunday school or the like), would you knowingly teach a principle or doctrine about the bible that you either knew or felt was wrong, but was taught incorrectly by most because of tradition I believe that most would say that they would not teach it incorrectly.


So if this be true and I believe that it is why do so many today continue to teach that Jesus was crucified on Friday and raised on Sunday morning when it is absolutely impossible to get three days and three nights in the grave as scripture says has to happen? No matter what kind of fancy tricks one uses with math and parts of days it is impossible to have a Friday crucifixion with am early Sunday resurrection and have three days and three nights. So why do so many continue to teach the false doctrine of a Friday crucifixion and a Sunday resurrection when they know it is an impossibility? If we claim to teach truth why do we knowingly teach error?

By the way if there IS anyone who believes that the crucifixion took place on Friday and the resurrection took place on Sunday then please set down and make a chart and post it for us all to see how you come up with three days and three nights with a Friday to Sunday time frame. By the way I suggest that by not teaching the correct time frame we are teaching the incorrect time frame.
Title: Re: Resurrection teaching
Post by: rstrats on May 19, 2019, 07:04:41 AM
Three of the more usual explainations are:

1.  The night count started in the garden when the Messiah was arrested.

2.  The night count started during the 3 hours of darkness before the Messiah died.

3.   The Messiah was employing common figure of speech/colloquial language of the period.